Bubble silicon lumânare mucegai lumânare

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Bubble silicon lumânare mucegai lumânare


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Bubble silicon lumânare mucegai lumânare

Forma silikonowa do świec Bubble

The silicone mold for free-standing candles is made of high-quality soft silicone. This makes it easy to remove the candles from it.


How to use the molds:

1. use wax designed for casting Pillar candles. Here you can find wax for ➡️ candles from the mold

2) In the bottom of the mold, make a hole for the wick yourself with a silicone mold needle.

3. then put the wick through the hole. We recommend a raw wick, which you can easily pull through the hole and adjust its length. ➡️ Raw cotton wick

4.Pour wax into the mold and wait for the wax to set

5.When removing the candle from the mold, gently bend the edges and then unwind the silicone upward.

6. wash the mold in warm water with dishwashing liquid. The mold is reusable.

Bubble silicone candle mold is reusable, very easy to clean.



Silicone mold:

Height: 6,2 cm

Width: 8,2 cm

Width: 8,2 cm

Cast candle:

Height: 6 cm

Width: 6 cm

Width: 6 cm

Capacity: 176 ml




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