Mini bară de ciocolată de ceară din silicon

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Mini bară de ciocolată de ceară din silicon



Mini bară de ciocolată de ceară din silicon

Forma silikonowa do wosków czekoladki - Mini tabliczki czekolady

The chocolate molds are ideal for making fireplace waxes or soy wax decorations. It is also suitable for making desserts, pralines and ice cream.

Dimensions of the mold:

Length: 21 cm

Width: 10.5 cm

Number of slots: 12

Temperature range:-40°C to 230°C

Weight of a chocolate cast from soy wax about 2-3 g.


Dimensions of the chocolate:

Length: 3.7 cm

Width: 2.6 cm

Thickness: about 3-4 mm


Silicone mold for wax chocolates – Mini chocolate bars made of high quality silicone, the surface of this mold is smooth, non-stick and flexible. It is very easy to remove the candles from it.

The mold is reusable, very easy to clean. It should be washed in hot water with dish liquid.

The mold is made in very high quality flexible silicone. Safe for health and neutral for food. Can be used in the freezer and oven up to 230°C.

For casting free-standing candles we recommend Pillar wax, for tarts and fireplace waxes ecosoya melt wax.





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